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Taking some time off to hit the beach is definitely a great idea. You get to forget all the troubles of the world and soak it up in a place that’s far from the city. But as much as we want to do it everyday, our responsibilities and finances won’t allow us to. Well, you’ll have it very differently when you choose to get a residential unit in Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City. Aside from its useful location in the metro, you can also enjoy its various amenities to give you a quality experience when it comes to your leisure.

First and foremost, residents of this condominium property can use swimming pools that can be found within its premises. When the heat of the sun gets too invasive of your comfort or you just need a reason to unwind, you can count on these pools to have your back. Small kids can also enjoy because there’s a pool that specifically made for them. With this amenity, there’s no need to go out of the city for that vacation experience you’ve been longing for. You just need to stay inside of Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City and your weekend is good to go.

As your loved ones are having the time of their lives, their safety is guaranteed as well. To make sure that happens, a reliable security team is always on guard to protect you from any threat to your safety. These men and women are trained and experienced to handle any security matter without causing any disturbance to your peace. Plus, all entry and exit points of Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City is guarded and fortified well to prevent any intruder from entering the premises.

While you’re safety is ensured, you now have more reason to be with the people who matter the most to you. You can do just that here in Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City. This condominium property has a clubhouse with a function area any resident can use. This gives you a proper venue to gather your friend and loved ones to celebrate a special occasion. Instead of going far and spending too much, you now have the benefit of having a party just outside of your residential unit.

Aside from the swimming pool, your children can have more fun with the use of a play area that can be found inside Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City. This area houses a lot of facilities that cater to children. At the same time, they are also safe to use so you need not worry about your kids’ safety.

Even if you don’t leave the premises of Avida Towers Bonifacio Global City, you’ll always find a reason to enjoy. Along with your leisure, you and your family’s safety is also guaranteed by this condominium property any day of the week. Thanks to its amenities, staying at home will always be the best option you’re going to have.

  • Adult & Kiddie Swimming Pool
  • Clubhouse with Function Hall
  • Children's Play Area
  • Garden Area (maximized green area and open spaces)
  • Main Entry/ Exit Gate W/ Guard House (2 lanes each)
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